I am obsessed with handwritten thank you notes. I believe there is power in snail mail for hundreds of reasons; but that will have to be for another blog post. (Because I would roll on and on and on and on and on and on about it.) Because of my love of the good old […]

Thank You’s + Wedding Invitations

July 20, 2017

  Dress: Lovely Bride | Florals: Layers of Lovely | Hair & Make-up: Hey Lovely Makeup hus·tle / verb force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction. We live in the world of “the hustle”. It is preached and praised to hustle for our businesses. But I believe hand-in-hand with hustle, we must find […]

Refresh: The Anti-Hustle

July 17, 2017

  “You MUST blog.” This line sounds a little bit like it should have come from Yoda, but it didn’t. These three words were coming from everyone possible in the photography/creative world. Blogging was the number one marketing strategy I heard over and over and over again when I first started this little photography business […]

Welcome Back to the Smith House Photography Blog!

July 6, 2017


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