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3 “Getting Ready” Tips for your Wedding Day

We wanted to hone in a little bit today on the getting ready part of your wedding day – and not just how it pertains to photography. If we had to sum it up in three main objectives, they would be:

Big Windows. Cushion Time. And at least ten square feet per bridesmaid.

But let me explain.

The hours leading up to your wedding ceremony should be relaxing, filled with excitement and anticipation. We believe this because your wedding ceremony is the single most important part of your wedding day, and arguable, of your life, and hours of stress and anxiety don’t seem like a good platform to head into the most important time of your life on.


So let me start with cushion time. When we build a wedding photography timeline, we add in extra time throughout each section of the day for “cushion”. But your photo timeline likely won’t start until the end of hair and make-up. So it is important to acknowledge and plan ahead for cushion time in your getting ready schedule. Even if you have the best hair and make-up artist (like our favorites over at Hey Lovely Make-up that somehow manage to NEVER be behind schedule) there are other factors to consider that will need cushion time; For instance, a late bridesmaid, lunch delivery, dress malfunctions, etc. We promise you, starting your day 30 minutes earlier will¬†always be worth it when the extra time is needed. And if everything goes perfectly? You are finished getting ready thirty minutes early and have time to take a breather, capture some extra gorgeous getting ready images, or have a drink with your maids.

Second: Big windows. This may seem like it is solely for photo purposes, and it is true, we LOVE gorgeous window light, but the natural light a big window in your getting ready room will give you benefits far more than photography! Your hair and make-up artist will also LOVE it. While there are incredible light stands and set-ups that hair and make-up artists can use when a window isn’t available, natural light is always going to give the best perception of how your make-up will look once you walk out the door. Having that window also eliminates the need for those light stands, which can add clutter to your already bustling getting ready room.

Speaking of clutter… Number 3: At least ten square feet for every bridesmaid. This is not a precise number by any stretch of the mind, but think space, and lots of it. Girls come with lots of stuff. Bags, dresses, hair and make-up, hairspray, cell phones, chargers, shoes (probably 2 or 3 pair if they haven’t decided what they are wearing yet)… you get the picture. There is probably going to be food, wedding day mimosas, gifts, bouquets. Girls also take up space to get ready in AND just hang out in. Once you get all of your bridesmaids, and likely your mother, grandmother, aunt, etc. into a room, it will get crowded quickly. If you are getting ready in a hotel, consider a suite or multiple rooms. If you are getting ready in a venue space, think about having your girls limit what they bring to the venue with them to just the necessities.


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